Dry Ice Fog Machine – For Hire [Only available in W.A.]

FOR HIRE - only available in W.A.

Here at Dry Ice Australia, we are dedicated to ensuring that your wedding, function or event is enhanced by our special effects Dry Ice machine.

Our machines are state of the art and maintained to consistently high standards. Your Chauvet Nimbus Professional Dry Ice Machine will generate thick, fog like, special effects that will have your guests appearing to dance on clouds.

This powerful machine heats enough water to create fog from dry ice to provide 6-10 minutes of run time. Output and flow are easily controlled, thanks to an adjustable multi-level control arm.

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Dry Ice is Not a Smoke Machine

One important thing to clarify is that a dry ice machine is not a smoke machine. They are two different technologies, which produce distinctive results. Smoke machines do generate irritants and can set off fire alarms in venues.

Dry ice is by far the more substantial; and is, easily, our most popular wedding entertainment special effect. People love the cloud like illusion on the dance floor.

Why We Do It Better

Our professional approach to our service ensures that your wedding or corporate function entertainment is supported by this exciting technology. Your first dance will be on clouds, when you hire one of our dry ice machines.

The special effects will be contained within the defined parameters, with the fog on the dance floor below your knees. There will be no need for guests to cough or sneeze, because dry ice does not irritate respiratory or sensory functions. It is non-toxic and does not leave any slippery traces on the floor. It safe and fun to use.