Events & Celebrations

Add a touch of magic to your next event using dry ice.  Whether it is a wedding, birthday party or other special/themed celebration, there are many ways to create a wow factor with dry ice, leaving guests talking about your event for years to come!

How you take your upcoming event to the next level using dry ice:

  • Build a mysterious, foggy table centrepiece to create an exciting atmosphere
  • Add smoky fog to your food or drinks for presentation and an added sensory experience (plus to keep drinks extra cold!)
  • Fill the room with fog to create striking visual effects or an enchanted atmosphere for those special moments such as a first dance at a wedding
  • Place it in a punch bowl to give that billowing smoke effect, drawing people over to have a look and to dive into the punch!
  • Keep an impressive ice sculpture from melting
  • Plus many, many other ways!!

If you would like to use dry ice at your next event, please contact our customer service team and we would be happy to help you decide on ways to create an amazing and memorable atmosphere!

How do I create dry ice fog?

For small areas, you can create a fog effect by dropping dry ice pellets in a container of hot water.  This increases the rate of sublimation (the process of transitioning from solid to gas form without passing into liquid state) and therefore causes a quick spread of fog across the floor.

For larger areas it is necessary to hire a dry ice fog machine which can be hired from most party hire companies. 

Keep in mind that candles will not work while there is a fog effect taking place as the CO² will extinguish the flame (hence why fire extinguishers contain CO²!)

The mist effect achieved can vary depending on the temperature of the liquid in which the dry ice is placed in. The colder the liquid, the slower the dry ice will sublimate, and equally if the liquid is hot it will produce a quicker, more billowing effect of smoke.  Typically, the mist effect can last 3 to 5 minutes.

Dry ice in food and drinks

Using dry ice in your drinks can not only keep them colder for longer due its extremely cold temperature (-78.5°C), it also enhances the experience for patrons.  Using dry ice in drinks can give an exciting visual effect, but also gives the additional sensory experience of smell as the scented fog wafts through the air creating excitement to consume your unique beverage. 

As dry ice sublimates without leaving behind excess liquid, it is perfect to use in cocktails to keep them cool without diluting them, unlike with conventional ice that will melt leaving behind excess water.

We have a range of specifically designed devices to enable the use of dry ice in drinks to be consumed.  These devices allow for the same effect of dry ice, whilst also ensuring no accidental ingestion of the dry ice or cold burns are received. Please see the Merchandise page to purchase these products.


If you plan to use dry ice in drinks, it should be used with caution, including warning guests not to swallow the dry ice pellets. We recommend using our specifically designed beverage safety devices if you plan on placing dry ice into beverages, to ensure the product is not consumed. These devices are available for purchase off the merchandise section of our website.

Similarly, when using dry ice with food it is important to follow a trusted recipe so the solid product is not swallowed.

Our dry ice pellet products are made using food grade quality CO² and approved equipment, so it is suitable to use for purposes that come into contact with food and drink.