How much Dry Ice will I need?

Use Quantity Type of dry ice Recommended
o Presenting small items such as cakes, food and beverages (2.5kg needed per small item)
o Ideal for home party of up to 20 guests and for cooking applications.
2.5kg Pellets
o Home events where a small application is required with food and/or drink presentation
o One small classroom experiment
5kg Pellets
o Will serve many customers in a restaurant or bar
o Fog effects at home events
o Multiple school experiments or projects
10kg Pellets
o For larger venues and parties. 15kg Pellets
o To use on a camping or fishing trip to keep your produce cool or frozen 10kg Pellets

Please Note:

The length of time the dry ice will last for depends on the storage conditions and what it is being used for.  Always keep it in an insulated, unsealed container In the table above, the time period specified for how long it will last is based on the dry ice being stored in the insulated container and away from liquids or heat.  

As a general rule:

  • Plan on using 5 -10 kg for every 24-hour period if storing food
  • Dry ice sublimates at a rate of two to four kilograms every 24 hours in a typical cooler.
  • Most people will need around 10-15 kg for three to four days of being away if using on camping or fishing trips.
  • If you are looking for a subtle effect to enhance a food/wine presentation, less is definitely more!