Slices or ‘slabs’ of dry ice are the most popular choice for people as it such a versatile product.  Due to the compact nature of the slices, they are easy to use and wrap if needed. 

Size Typical Use Min Order Qty
Approximately 210mm x 125mm x 18mm with weight of 740g

o Storage and Transportation
o Temperature controlled product distribution
o Airline Catering
o Special Effects
o Freeze Drying
o Dry ice fog machines

(Comes in increments of 5kg)

Packs of dry ice slices

Dry ice slices are perfect to use in dry ice fog machines, which are super convenient for DJs or wedding planners looking to have a fog effect at their next event.  Slices are also ideal for theatre performances and large floor effects where a continuous fog effect is required.

Each slab is packed in an outer wrapper, which is ideal for shipping purposes and keeping the dry ice away from liquid or other goods to prevent it from subliming (or ‘melting’) too quickly.

These packs come in increments of 5kg as per the table above.

How much dry ice will you need?